Word & Interpretation Prophetic Jewelry

I am so excited about my new website which now includes this blog! By blogging on Eternal Heiress' website I can go into greater detail about the symbolism in my products and bring more depth when conveying their meanings. My products are not just a business to me. They are spirit and soul inspirations from my heart and prophetic words from God, so I want to be able to convey the fullness of them with you. It's a compliment when someone appreciates my jewelry but it's life giving when someone resonates with the revelation found within the details of them.

My absolute favourite part of having a vendor table at events is getting to share these revelations and explain the symbolism that has inspired my jewelry. It has opened up so many God encounters and I am blessed by them every single time. What is even more exciting is when I get to prophesy over people with words I get based off of the pieces that they buy from my table. As I package their purchase I always ask them 'Do you know what this is prophetic for?' The majority of the time, they say 'No'. These end up being even more fun than sharing revelation in my intentionally prophetic jewelry. In these moments, I get to prophesy over them personally. It usually leads to tears and getting to pray the prophetic word I get for them over their lives. As they cry, they tell me how it is the exact word that they needed to hear in that moment. It speaks to them that God sees them and He knows them and He is right there with them. What makes it that much more special is that they were buying just a piece of jewelry but they find out that the Holy Spirit was leading them and prophesying over their lives when they didn't even have a clue. I see God's beauty and love with each person I encounter in this way, and it always amazes me. The love of God, found in a piece of jewelry. It reiterates to me Psalm 8:4. "What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?"

I have discovered that God's purpose in Eternal Heiress isn't just about me using my natural creative giftings and having a business. I now see that God wants to use it as a tool for people to encounter Him. I see gifts of the spirit being released through my products and I want to explain how that works by defining them through what I call them (their names) and how I define them. For those who may have a hard time connecting gifts of the spirit with an inanimate object, remember that God did creative miracles through Paul. When aprons and handkerchiefs that he touched were brought to sick people gifts of healing were released as well as deliverance from spirits and they were made whole. (Acts 19:11-12) In that light, jewelry can carry a word of prophecy.