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Discerning of spirit, words of knowledge, speaking in tongues, and prophetic words all activated from a very young age in my life as a kid. The way my child mind understood it was that I had a secret with God. I knew I was different. In my last year of high school, during the time of my 18th birthday, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit where I felt a tangible heat, heard the audible voice of God calling my name, and then I physically shook for five days. I felt what I would call 'the concentrated heart of God' during that time and had several supernatural encounters. This profound experience confirmed the secret that I had felt as a child and brought an undeniable affirmation of the calling on my life.


God has invited me to walk in a Deborah anointing that consists of prophesying through not only music but many creative means and to help others grow in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. I am a prophetic artist. You can find out more about that in my online store's history

 Whether it be through a spiritual session, music or a creative piece I have created, I hope I am able to help you connect more deeply with God's voice and what He is speaking to you.

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Spiritual Sessions Team

Sue lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and 3 kids. We connected during the 18 years that I lived there and became best of friends. We even had a jewelry business together at one time.


She has a beautiful, gentle spirit and a pure desire to see people encounter God's thoughts for them. She has such accuracy for hearing in the spirit as she positions herself with great sensitivity to where God is and what He is speaking in every aspect of life.


What we bring into the prophetic lifestyle sessions together as a team is just an overflow of the naturally supernatural relationship we have had for the last several years as we have teamed together in both business and ministry. 

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Music Producer & Composer

Roy is my husband, and we have been married since 2004 and have four wonderful children together. We currently live in South Louisiana. I definitely could not do what I do without this man. He is an award winning producer and arranger with over years of  making music.  He oversees and edits the audio in most of my online video content. He takes my lyrics and melodies and gives them wings as he wholeheartedly crafts them into songs. He is award winning and rightfully so being one of the most musically talented people I have met.



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Spiritual Sessions Team

Christie is a military wife, mother to 3 creative and unique children and currently resides in beautiful & sunny California. Our relationship goes back two decades and started when we were seeking deep spiritual encounters and crossed paths in Canada.


Christie loves seeing God through visions and welcoming others into her adventures with Him. She has a natural gift to teach and encourage others.  She has a zero tolerance level for religious mentality and believes God meets people where they are, not the other way around. Her enthusiasm for deeper spiritual truth is contagious. She's one of the biggest cheerleaders of people I know and I have been encouraged by her in my own personal life by her ability to see and hear clearly in the spirit. I am so excited to have her part of the team!