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My name is Kari Oommen and I am passionate about our God-given super power of creativity. I believe there is life, hope, healing, inspiration, identity, therapy and words from God all hidden within creativity and waiting to be found through the manifestation and enjoyment of it.


As a seer (prophet who sees, feels and hears in the spirit), 

I find God in all kinds of creative expressions, especially pop culture. I would describe pop culture as the identity of each generation. What makes up most of pop culture are the highly celebrated creations, expressions and inventions of it's artists, creatives, thinkers and inventors. I constantly hear God speak through Pop Culture trends and headlines. Which is what inspired the name of my podcast,

The Pop Culture Prophet.

As a prophetic artist, I create through music, jewelry, furniture, interiors, cooking, fragrances and digital art. I love not only creating but also encouraging others to dive deep into their creative expressions. This inspired me to start a Youtube channel where I can share and hopefully inspire others.

The Pop Culture Prophet Youtube Channel 

Dream Team
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